Month: November 2016

November 28, 2016 Chris Pearse

There’s a lot being written about EQ (or EI) these days – a sign of society’s evolving awareness of emotion and feeling and a moving away from an over-emphasis on rational intelligence. That’s good. But a lot of what I read strikes me as being both misleading and limiting, the result of rationality attempting to…

November 5, 2016 Chris Pearse

This is a question posed in response to my previous article entitled EGO – the biggest barrier to success. The question itself is of great interest and arguably more valuable than the answer. But I will confine myself to a few concise thoughts that may be helpful: Firstly here are some observations to set the scene:…

November 4, 2016 Chris Pearse

I’m sat in Edinburgh airport having just had an update on a company that I was briefly involved with a while back. The company is falling apart and its survival is in the balance. It has: Investment, Technology, Markets, Expertise, Experience, Prospects, Good People… Basically everything it needs to succeed. And yet it may not….