Sharp Threads…

October 13, 2020 Ken Frankis

Always loved my clobber
Even as a kid
Let’s be clear, I had the gear
To do the things I did

Stay Press, mint Ben Sherman
Doc Martens on my feet
Reggae every Friday night
South London’s base line beat

Not a slave to fashion
Style is where it’s at
Even featured, classic look
Elegant not brash

Cut, quality and colour
Rules tailor made for me
Understated, subtle
Don’t be heard, be seen

Feel at home when wearing Tods
Love Loafers, country brogues
Tread gently with my wallet now
This credit card’s a rogue…

Is it insecurity
To want to wear good clothes?
For me it’s in the DNA, the Good Lord set me up this way
It’s not a fragile pose

Enjoy your threads, be comfortable
For one thing’s not in doubt
Your real style’s on the inside
And always looking out…

Be sure to always wear your suits
Don’t let your suits wear you
They are but just the outer gloss
True fabric shines right through..