A radical personal, relationship and leadership development system for CEOs, directors and senior managers.

Clarity Space develops your capacity to lead yourself, your team and your organisation in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

We focus on your inner dynamics of thinking, feeling and perception where the real levers of change lie.

This is Leadership ]Inside Out[


• The world is changing and the change is accelerating.

• Political, economic and commercial environments are volatile - what worked before works no longer.

• As complexity increases, so does ambiguity, urging us to transform the way we lead our organisations, our teams and ourselves.

• Leadership needs to shift from competing to creating.



We identify your Purpose, clarify your Vision and reanimate your Culture.

Through Integrity and Resilience, we develop your capacity for Delegation.

These 6 pillars of leadership are the inner foundations that condition the outer worlds of activity, performance and results.

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Transformational programs for CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers.

Accelerated Development



Short, sharp programmes for Coaching, Entrepreneurship and Sales.

Change your Mind

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Leadership Coaching - the Focus, the Principles and the Process

Leadership Engineering

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I would absolutely recommend The LEAD Programme and Chris for the experienced mid-career professional who needs to take time to reflect and push on to the next level. Thanks!

HRD - Technology Distributor


It’s given me a new found confidence in who I am and what I do. I feel stronger and more focused, clearer and generally better armed to deal with situations in and out of the business.

FD - Internet Service Provider


You've provided a number of insights into my leadership and I’ve made a conscious decision to reference them in my thinking and actions. I'd recommend it to anyone in a leadership role.

Director - Inn of Court


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