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Transformational programs for CEOs, Directors and Senior Managers.

Accelerated Development



Short, sharp programmes for Coaching, Entrepreneurship and Selling.

Change your Mind

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In-house workshops to develop leadership in senior management and boards.

Leadership Engineering

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WIse-up to some uncommon sense on leadership in 2020 and beyond

Explore • Reflect • Realise

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Clarity Space's mission is to develop leaders' understanding of themselves as well as their organisation. Most leaders are well-versed in the 'mechanics' of leadership: the operational, practical, tangible stuff. Clarity Space develops your understanding of the 'dynamics' of leadership: the behaviours, the culture, the aspirations, the mindsets and all the intangibles that drive the organisation forward… or not.


Our focus on Self-Awareness develops a perspective responsible for greater equanimity (resilience), emotional intelligence, intuition, clarity of mind, purpose and influence - all of which make for better decision-making and leadership. And in mitigating the habitual, negative, reactive behaviours that create stress, Self-Awareness leads to better relationships and improved mental and physical health.


Clarity Space was founded in 2003 by Chris Pearse to work with leaders from FTSE100s, academia, non-profits, SMEs and government. Today, we deliver leadership development programmes and workshops to reconnect leaders with their primary source of know-how and wisdom - themselves. Based in London,  UK, we deliver internationally, online and in-person, to CEOs, directors and senior managers.

I would absolutely recommend The LEAD Programme and Chris for the experienced mid-career professional who needs to take time to reflect and push on to the next level. Thanks!

HRD - Technology Distributor


It’s given me a new found confidence in who I am and what I do. I feel stronger and more focused, clearer and generally better armed to deal with situations in and out of the business.

FD - Internet Service Provider


You've provided a number of insights into my leadership and I’ve made a conscious decision to reference them in my thinking and actions. I'd recommend it to anyone in a leadership role.

Director - Inn of Court


Clarity Facilitation and Corporate Magician™ are trading names of Clarity Space Ltd Reg. 07043518 © 2020

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