• Clarity Space coaching focuses on your leadership evolution and growth.

• To grow and develop in a balanced way means recognising that we have four dimensions to master: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

• Our programs give you the keys to developing all four of these aspects in yourself, your relationships and your leadership.

• Without this inner mastery, handling the outer needs of running a business or a team, or even our own lives, can be overwhelming.

• Because our inner condition determines our outer performance, this is where we pay attention.

Coaching is a discovery for coach and client - we won't know where we're going until we get there.

Performance is a symptom. We explore the root causes behind the symptoms.

The way you feel is a choice, so we empower you to make it your choice, not someone else's.

You are complete in yourself. Only when you are your own role model can you find your true purpose.

Competition is a zero-sum game, so we encourage creativity, which is win-win.

You are in charge. You have total discretion over how you respond to any event. We connect you to it.



• Schedule an informal, no-obligation meeting with a Clarity Space coach to answer every question and understand all aspects of the relationship before committing.

• Choose between: programs that combine weekly material with regular coaching sessions, and a coaching plan to focus on specific challenges.

• Commit

• Each meeting lasts 1-2 hours and explores any material that you have studied and/or the challenges you are facing in your leadership role.

• There is no methodology or formal structure to the coaching sessions - these only impede progress. The issues are explored in depth by your coach using intuition and curiosity without judgement.