Thoughts on understanding and simplicity…

September 14, 2020 Ken Frankis

There will be things you don’t understand; things which don’t resonate with you.
Some may be actions or behaviours, other’s doctrines, rules and governance.
Recognise that some concepts and situations are slightly beyond reach. Just let these things be.
You don’t need to address everything before you.
Trust. Sometimes just accept. It’s not failure or shallow or lack of knowledge.
It’s futile to be hard on yourself for not knowing the answers to the worlds problems.
Enough would be to find your own space and seek to understand that space.
The feelings and thoughts right now. Your view of life and people and your own heart; your being.
And maybe this self knowledge will be enough. Maybe it will soften your views and reactions; help you to absorb and attract and gently influence with equanimity.
You don’t even need to be in control of yourself. Rather just understand and accept and let change happen naturally, over time. Be curious as your awareness and acuity grow.
Feel the tiny muscles in your face relax as you recognise a completeness.
A wholesome and warm feeling which lightens your day…

Knowledge is self knowledge and this will support your offer in life. For we all have something to give and share and leave as legacy.
Find a space to be still and your energy and creativity will flow.
Purpose and reason will reveal their secrets to you in time and you will realise they were always there, waiting.
And as I write I guess this sounds a little profound, all knowing but it’s really simplicity and humble experience. Taking away distracting layers to reveal your truth and joy…