Selling…a noble art?

September 14, 2020 Ken Frankis

I was chatting with a friend last week. He is a man who enjoys a rewarding career at a very senior level. Confident and at ease with colleagues and clients alike. A public speaker and published author. 

I was a little surprised when he confided in me that he has always had a fear in his business life. Of course I was eager to hear about his concern and not a little surprised when he told me his fear was SELLING…

Now, this is not the first time I have heard the same story. My friends and working associates often ask me how I can enjoy involvement with sales and sales coaching; it just wouldn’t work for them. 

I also know that my confessional friend has everything he needs to be an excellent salesman. All that is required is an adjustment to his mindset. A reframing of his vision of selling. 

Everyday I encounter someone selling to me. It may be in a coffee shop, renewing my car insurance or trying to change my current cable package. And yes, sometimes I am horrified at the tactics employed. On the other hand, I really enjoy being sold to with feeling and care. 

There are so many start up businesses with really great products; the owners believe in their product and there is a market. Their products give value. Of course, a great product without sales is reduced to: at best a good idea but more realistically to JUNK…

A shift in thinking can turn this around; help people benefit from your goods or services. 

I look forward to spending some time more with my friend to discuss and work with his perceived hurdle…