Lucky…Part 2

September 14, 2020 Ken Frankis

So, I guess it was inevitable that I would become curious. Why had things gone so well in my new sales career? Was I an imposter? Would the bubble burst?
Interestingly, as I coach tennis as well as working with sales teams these days, I always note an improver player telling me his/her perfect shot was a Fluke! They feel it was a fluke because they didn’t intellectualise it; as if it was beyond their thinking mind and knowledge. When I suggest it may have been Natural talent, that not thinking about it was the reason it was so good, they question my observation! As humans, we like to feel we are in total control of what we do, not trusting latent feeling and intuition; a state which top performers pray for…He played out of his mind.
Trust is the key here. Getting out of our own way to allow all that good stuff to happen. Those of you who are familiar with Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game books will recognise this theory. And I recommend The Inner Game of Tennis as a good read for all leaders in business, not just aspiring tennis players.
So, getting back to my original point, I did start to read the books and apply the labels; to Understand what was happening. A quest to take control of my good fortune 🙂

I began to notice the direction of my focus and intent.

Perhaps more of that another time…