Bass or lead guitar?

September 14, 2020 Ken Frankis

And as I walked a message heard
Resonating, sounding clear
Projecting on the world I guess
The more I walked, the more I’d hear
A presence felt, a force field strong
An energy for all to share
But tiring if your walk is long
More than simply being there…

I thought about another path
A gentler rhythm, blending in
To forms which grew around my world
A softer soundtrack to begin
Become the tree, the lake, the sky
Observe as life just glides on by
Detachment from the tactile race
No judgement needed, no more whys?

Wow, that’s different, something new
In many ways the boy just grew
Step onto your stage each day
Embrace the changes, see things through
Ethereal a way to be
A backing singer not the star
Still in the band, the music sweet
Both voices make you who you are…

Either way the sound is true
Performance always from the heart
The bass and then the lead guitar
The lyrics there right from the start…
You write your words, you put them down
An open book for all to see
Those words are part of who you are
They’re there for you, they’re here for me…