A pearl in a dustbin…

September 14, 2020 Ken Frankis

I felt inspired. Like I needed to raise my level. Up to another place.
A place which on the face of it was outside of me…beyond me.
But was so deep inside and waiting.
Waiting patiently to be summoned, given permission, to join the party.
And it was special to realise and reach such worthy stuff; making space to let it in. You know, as if you found a pearl in a dustbin. A pauper giving birth to a prince.
And I did it and it felt strange at first until I thought yes, that’s part of me. I can do that stuff and what’s more, I am that stuff. Discovering integrity and purpose

And noticing that we’re not always who we were, even last week as our very skin flakes and grows. Our fluid bodies and existence flow and are infinitely capable of love and hurt and creativity. With depth, light and shade…We realise who we are.

There is no limit to our resource and while enough is a feast, why stop there when abundance calls and beckons you to eat at the top table and not be ashamed or feel you commit an act of betrayal or theft.

Yes, you are enough. And so much more.Embrace your newly awakened gift and share it with yourself and those around you. And sit comfortably with things, just being…feeling your energy.