Engaging in the workplace…part 2

September 13, 2020 Ken Frankis

A soldier walked into a war
His Sargent standing at his side
The boy was scared, he feared for life
He looked into his leader’s eyes

Those eyes were strong, those eyes were clear
They sent a message straight and true
His Sargent didn’t speak a word
His Sargent cared, the boy just knew

He felt the best that he could be
Objective set the same for both
They had each other’s backs you see
The trust was there, a double dose

And when his Sargent felt that hit
Deep in his chest and laid him down
The boy rose up, a purpose clear
And gently wore his Sargent’s crown

He lost his leader on that day
And felt empowered to stand and fight
Direction from above in place
The bigger aim, it just felt right

The business then to meet the foe
The cause was clear from head to toe
An education for the boy
A human form who lives to grow…

Engaging in the workplace…part 2

Not real bullets everyday
The office gentler in some ways
People need to work with trust
Feel valued, get some worthy pay

There’s a place for everyone
Work can be a part of life
Where we can still remain ourselves
Less politics and stress and strife

Egos getting in the way
Jungle law as empires grow
Swinging in the highest trees
Seeing people down below

Ease the need to reach the top
Monkey arms and beating chest
Nurture those who need their space
Help them be their very best…