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Our focus is not so much on what you say and do, but rather on what you think and feel. Thought comes before speech and action, so get your thinking right and all else follows. Henry Ford understood this when he said: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right"


We work with leaders and leadership teams, developing your capacity to lead through training workshops, facilitated meetings and 1-2-1 programmes. We also provide support for strategy development, conflict management, employee engagement and culture change.


We get great results, though ROI, KPIs and targets are not our focus. We work with the intangibles that can't be measured but that are instrumental to your success and that of your business. Addressing these root-causes facilitates sustainable impact on productivity, profitability and growth.

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We train senior managers and directors to become better leaders. through a suite of workshops based on Self-Awareness. We've found that self-awareness is the foundation to real leadership. And it makes sense when you consider that leadership requires understanding others - and to understand others, you first need to understand yourself.


Working 1-2-1 with you creates opportunities to explore some of the self-limiting beliefs and negative, reactive behaviours that can impede your development as a leader. When these inner dynamics are observed in action, their power to compromise you is diminished, and new, creative responses become available. See the Corporate Magician site for more...


Facilitation benefits conversations including: strategy workshops, conferences and board meetings. Giving responsibility for the process of the meeting to an independent facilitator allows you to focus on the content. Freedom of expression, candour, creativity and resolution all benefit from good facilitation. See the Clarity Facilitation site for more.

I wanted to extend my warmest thanks to you for a job incredibly well done. You have delivered with skill, efficiency, tact and with an understanding of the organisation and the people who work here. I am immensely grateful to you for a mission well accomplished.

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