"Thank you for your facilitation at our Strategic Visioning meeting - your input was invaluable; through it we were enabled to reach our goals and look to the future with excitement and anticipation!"

HR Director - Hallmark Care Homes

Strategy Facilitation

Strategic Planning is an art as much as a science. It needs to call upon all our faculties to be successful. Clarity Strategy Facilitation ensures that creating a strategy taps your creativity, intuition and instinct as well as your reason and logic.


Great Strategic Planning requires 3 elements:

  1. Reflection… where the team shares candidly what it thinks and how it feels about the current realities.
  2. Aspiration… where the team looks to the future and the changes it wants to make.
  3. Planning… where the team translates its vision into a practical plan of action… and commits to it.

Most teams are good at one or two of these – Clarity facilitators ensure they excel at all three.


The process is fun, engaging and energetic. It demands the best from your team and gets it.


We take you and your team through a 1 or 2 day workshop that challenges the way that you perceive your work and your professional relationships. It tests the subconscious assumptions that we all harbour, allowing new perspectives and understandings to arise.


You won’t walk away with a fully-fledged corporate strategy document, but you will leave with the insights, the energy and the commitment to action that is your foundation to any successful strategy.


The process unearths differences, shortcomings and uncertainty, and necessarily challenges the comfort of the status quo. But as one CEO expressed it: “I dread to think where we would have ended up if we hadn’t gone through this process.”


We have provided facilitation for the creation, development and review of strategies for a broad range of organisations including FTSE100s, SMEs, Non-profits, NHS, Academia and Government. All have been highly successful, but because our approach is light on structure and very much ‘in the moment’, some of those successful outcomes have also been surprising.


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