For corporate leaders looking to meet potential, align with purpose, and overcome tough challenges. Clarity Space delivers a variety of programmes designed for c-suite managers of organisations that are looking to take the next step on their journey of leadership growth and evolution.

• Are you a CEO or director in a challenging role?

• Do you struggle with stress, conflict and frustration?

• Are you wanting to begin the next phase of your evolution as a leader?

• Would you like to access a whole new world of clarity, insight and ease?

These Programmes combine powerful online material delivered weekly, with regular 1-on-1 meetings. All programmes focus on developing your capacity for leadership, through self-leadership and self-awareness.


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24 Weeks

Leadership Evolution and Accelerated Development for C-Suite Leaders - for Personal, Relationship and Leadership transformation.

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8-12 Weeks

A bespoke programme for senior managers that changes the way you relate, delegate, plan and execute. Resolves stress and conflict.

Coaching Evoluion


12 Weeks

A radical coaching programme for coaches that want to challenge the status quo and take their coaching to the next level.

Personal Evolution Crop


8 Weeks

Master the 8 key aspects of personal development for business and career. Use your inner world to create your outer world.

Inner Well Being


48 Weeks

Inner Well Being Programme - a deep dive into the mental, physical and existential aspects of leadership.
For LEAD clients only.

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4 Weeks

Get clear, get inspired, get moving - get the missing pieces of the puzzle. Get back on track to be the leader you want to be.

Understanding your inner dynamics of thinking and feeling is key to leading others, and is the missing link in many leadership development programmes. We take you on a deep dive into your inner being.

Programmes span from 4 to 24 weeks and provide personal, relationship and leadership development, plus bespoke support for live work challenges.

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