"Chris's facilitation produced results from the team that I wouldn't have thought possible."

CEO Conran Estates

Meeting Facilitation

Clarity facilitators take care of your meetings and workshops leaving you free to be involved without distraction. We apply the optimal structure for the result you want and ensure that the conversation remains on track, engaging and productive.


Our approach is based on many years of observing team and group dynamics from inside and out. It respects the sensibilities and vulnerabilities that we all have, and focusses on creating an inclusive environment in which it’s easy and safe to be honest, controversial, creative, challenging and authentic.


We look to help people communicate more spontaneously and more candidly, whether they’re a board of directors in a strategy workshop, a large conference discussing new challenges, or a management team dealing with conflict.


We incorporate 3 vital elements into the process:

  • Reflection – getting a shared understanding of the status quo
  • Aspiration – articulating a vision of the future
  • Commitment to Action – identifying and committing to next steps

Using a blend of reason and intuition, our facilitators encourage subjective and objective input; what people think and how they feel. This is expert facilitation.


Elephants and Tables
We find that conventional approaches to conversation often stifle really exciting and interesting debate that engages and inspires people. For instance, the weekly team meeting that everyone dreads because the same people say the same things, when the real issues – the elephants under the table – get ignored; or the workshop where delegates have to listen to a series of expert speakers and get little chance to share their own ideas.


In short, our facilitators focus on the environment and the process, leaving you free to explore the ideas and feelings; the challenges and solutions; the successes and failures;  the past experiences, the current realities and the future aspirations.


We work with you to design the best structure for your meeting or workshop, ensuring you arrive at the most effective decisions and outcomes.


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