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Creating Space for Facilitation

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"Clarity Facilitation uses powerful  techniques to bring insight, clarity and energy to individuals, teams and organisations"


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We bring clarity to the complex and challenging issues that individuals, teams and organisations have to face. By leading you through our own highly developed facilitation process, we help you shift the mindsets and groupthink that can hold back the creative solutions and strategies needed to make real and sustainable progress.

We facilitate meetings, events, conferences, away-days and workshops for a variety of organisations including corporates, government, NHS, not-for-profits and small and medium enterprises. Typically, these meetings cover strategy development, stakeholder consultation, team building, conflict resolution and idea generation.

We also deliver 1-day Facilitation Training workshops that explore facilitation techniques and approaches for Meetings, Management, Leadership and Strategy. Workshops are held regularly in London and Edinburgh and attendance is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates.

Contact us by phone or email to find out how we can bring clarity, insight and energy to the challenges you face.


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[one_half_last][separator headline="h3" title="What Our Clients Say"][testimonial author="Director, Conran Estates"]"Clarity Facilitation produced results from the team that I wouldn't have thought possible"[/testimonial][testimonial author="MD, ADK Security Ltd"]"I am really inspired by your methods. You can be a real asset to me in particular, but also to the rest of the company"[/testimonial][testimonial author="Director, Amey"]"I would have no hesitation in either referring or using Clarity again in the future"[/testimonial][/one_half_last]

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[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text="Samsung"]Samsung - Facilitation Client
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text="Pernod Ricard"]Pernod Ricard - Facilitation Client
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text="BT"]British Telecom - Facilitation Client
[one_fifth][responsive][tooltip text="NHS"]NHS - Facilitation Client
[one_fifth_last][responsive][tooltip text="BMA"]British Medical Association - Facilitation Client

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