Leadership Coaching
]Inside Out[

Executive Coaching beyond the received wisdom

Leadership Coaching ]Inside Out[ is an 8 week programme for executive and leadership coaches that want to go beyond the 'best practice' methodologies of conventional coaching practice.

The very best coaching takes place in the moment, in which techniques, models and processes can only distract from the object of attention: yourself and your client.

You'll receive weekly, online material and meet remotely once a week, with upto 7 other coaches, to discuss aspects of coaching from the material, from your experience and from that of others.

We'll be taking an ]Inside Out[ approach to coaching, in which our experience of the outer world is governed by our inner worlds of thought, feeling and perception - not the other way around.

This respects the natural order that everything proceeds from the inner to the outer - 'as above, so below' - and that there is no barrier between the two - just like the Klein Bottle in the image above.


Program Topics

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