"Clarity have had a significant impact in helping us become a high-performing team."

The Work Foundation

Away Days

We work with you to create Awaydays and Off-sites that tackle the key issues your team faces, whilst providing an experience that will change the way that the team thinks, feels and relates to itself and others.


There’s nothing quite like getting away from the office for a day or two to get things into perspective, get to know your team a little better, review the past and map out the future…


We help you use this precious time to full advantage and ensure that it will make a real and lasting difference to the team’s performance, energy and focus.


Our experience shows that the most successful Awaydays combine elements of Team Development and Strategic Planning. One looks inwards, the other looks out. A balance between the two is crucial to ensure that the day has positive energy and sustainable impact.


So, although we love some of the energetic, practical, fun stuff synonymous with awaydays, we always look to incorporate some live work challenges. This ensures that the team brings some real value back to their desks the following day.


Typically, the focus of the Awayday will include a mix of:
• Reviewing the present
• Planning the future
• Developing the team
• Solving problems creatively
• Rewarding and celebrating success


We’ve run Awaydays for many different organisations and teams from BT to the Royal Academy of Dance – from the Treasury to Pernod Ricard.


Our team of expert Facilitators can also help identify the right venue for your team’s Awayday to ensure maximum impact from this valuable time away from the office. We will also work closely with you to design the optimal agenda for the outcomes that you want.


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