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Frequently, the way people think is the biggest impediment to progress that an organisation faces. Mindsets, groupthink, culture, attitudes can all contribute to a failure to deal with challenges as they arise.

Clarity Space was founded in 2004 to help organisations get to grips with these intangibles and since then we’ve helped hundreds of organisations, from non-profits to FTSE 100s, get clarity on some very challenging, intractable issues, with real impact.

Our competitive advantage is critical to our success: our Facilitators not only have many years of facilitation experience, they understand both the ‘Mechanics’ of organisations (the operational day-to-day business) – and the ‘Dynamics’ (the aspirations, culture, values, relationships and behaviours).

Clarity Space works directly and indirectly on these dynamics, giving you the freedom to respond in a more creative, decisive and energetic way.

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