Clarity Space

Clarity Space’s mission is to develop leaders’ understanding of themselves as well as their organisation. Most leaders are well-versed in the ‘mechanics’ of business: the operational, practical, tangible stuff that it does. Clarity Space develops your understanding of the ‘dynamics’ of business: the behaviours, the culture, the aspirations, the mindsets and all the intangibles that drive the organisation forward… or not.

Our focus on Self-Awareness develops a perspective responsible for greater equanimity (resilience), emotional intelligence, intuition, clarity of mind, resolve, influence – all of which make for better decision-making and leadership. And in mitigating the negative, reactive behaviours that create stress, Self-Awareness leads to better mental health.

Chris Pearse founded Clarity Space in the mid noughties and has worked with a broad range of leaders from non-profits, academia, government, FTSE100s, NHS and SMEs. Chris runs seminars for the Institute of Directors, writes for People Management and Management Today, and regularly contributes articles to LinkedIn. He is a chartered engineer with a broad, international background in management and leadership. Chris’s work is underpinned by a 35 year mindfulness and meditation practice.

The Corporate Magician is a trading name of Clarity Space Ltd and provides 1-2-1 support to leaders that are dealing with complex, challenging situations. Clarity Facilitation provides corporate meeting and conference facilitation services.

Call us on +44 20 3865 2123 or email [email protected]